Saturday, January 05, 2008

snowball fight!

but how can you have a snowball fight with no snow you're asking?
well, you get flour and pantyhose/socks, and a bunch of people. you cut up the pantyhose and put flour in each cut up section then tie it up.
we all went outside to the street and had a snowball fight! it really did look like it snowed when we were finished. i looked so pale. it was fun. we went out in the woods to run from the guys and i walked right through a thorn bush. so now i have these mad scratches on my leg. but it was worth it. we had a lot of fun.
oh and i dyed my hair back to its natural color (brown). not too drastic. it was already pretty close before i dyed it.
hope everyone's new year has been good so far!

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