Monday, January 21, 2008

um, prank?

on saturday while we were on ski trip, some of the girls (including me) thought up a prank to do to the guys. there wasn't much we could think of that wouldn't damage the cabins we were staying in but we finally thought up to freeze their boxers. we went back from dinner early and went in their room searching for their boxers. it didn't take us long because there were only 13 guys that went. we just had to make sure we got the right people. we folded them up and put them in the freezer. they froze together in like a box shape. it was really funny. the next night we were going to give them back all nice and frozen together but when we opened the freezer they were gone. we thought that maybe they found them and took them but they never said anything. finally about 2 hours later travis, one of our adults, came out and we were all freaking out and he was like, "oh i know what your talking about." we were excited that the boxers weren't really lost but we thought travis told them so we were kinda bummed. buuuut, he told us he thought they were left from a previous group so he hadn't said anything to the guys. he and ms. linda decided to keep them and they would hang them up during breakfast... all nice, unfroze, and dry. so that's what they did. it was all extremely lame but if the boxers hadn't been found and we had finished our plan, it might have been better. :(
so i'm home now and i'm extremely tired. i had so much fun skiing. it was a little ironic. there was no snow anywhere except on the slopes-i mean no where. we would be standing at the top of a slope and look out and see green grass. it was strange. oh and it was literally 2 degrees during the day. i think the highest it got yesterday was 9. it was so cold and windy.
i'm a little sore and like i already said, tired.


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