Sunday, January 13, 2008


thursday it was raining insanely hard. our principal, good 'ol mel brown, let anyone who could drive out 20 minutes early. as i was walking all the way to practically the end of the lower parking lot against the sideways rain, i stepped in about 4 puddles. i got in my car and took my shoes off (considering they were soaked!) then i began to drive off. as i drove down the narrow back road of my school, the car in front of me splashed an insanely large amount of water on my windshield along with the water splashed on me by the school bus going the opposite direction. i couldn't see anything! thankfully i got down mt. juliet road just fine but then as i turned on to lebanon road, the rain and lightning began to pick up. it was raining so hard that i could barely see the lines on the road let alone the road itself. thank goodness for the good driver in front of me with their lights on other wise i don't think i would have made it home safely. the rain began to lighten up about 2 or 3 miles further down and i made it home. everybody agreed that if we had been let out on time, the rain would not have been nearly as bad and we would have been just fine. but no, mr. brown can't predict the weather so he let us out before the extreme badness. this is also the day my sister informed me of her enlistment in the army. she was going to meet me at school to tell me but of course, i left early. she had to spend the night at a hotel and get up around 4:30am for an all-day physical. she is extremely excited that she's doing this. i'm proud of her, too. she's been trying to get in for about 8 months but her a.d.d. prevented her from doing it. the recruiter told her she had to be off her medicine for a year before she could get in. so she did. and now she's in the army. please keep her in your prayers.

and i had to get a shot yesterday. boo. :( it hurt.

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gavin richardson said...

that is cool about sara. glad you made it home. i thought for sure you were going share about a fender bender