Friday, January 25, 2008

the wonderful world of entertainment

so i'm sitting here watching my favorite show (degrassi). one of the main characters, spinner, has cancer. it is really hitting him hard. i started getting sad and really feeling for him. then i realized how caught up i am in a world that doesn't exist. before i was watching degrassi, i was watching a movie on disney channel about time travel and the characters were really struggling with who they were and how they got there. i was really really into it. the entertainment world does a great job of getting people caught up in things that were just thoughts in people's minds that happened to be made into images. i begin to wonder and want friends like some of the characters i see. then i remember that that will never happen because those characters are just... characters. i seriously can't get over how caught up we get in the imaginary world of television (most of it anyway).


gavin richardson said...

you watch degrassi? wow! i didn't think anyone watched that show.

emily said...