Friday, June 16, 2006

30 hour famine

so today we start our 30 hour famine. by we, i mean our youth group and we started at 7 this morning. we wont eat for 30 hours and we are raising money to send to darfur and zimbabwe.
tonight when everyone gets to the church, we will walk from our church to the fellowship building. after we get there we will build a "refugee camp" out of cardboard. that is where we will be sleeping. we arent going to have watches, cell phones, iPods, or even toothbrushes. i think it will be mucho fun. im really looking forword to it. we will break our fast by eating out tomorrow at a buffet. it will be great.

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Johnathan "J2" said...

30 hour famine we almost did that a while back but the baptist were doing it around the same time we were so we couldnt raise money. It is fun but is also a little hard. I hope you are enjoying yourself. I hope to see you soon.