Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!!

for those of you who dont know, yesterday was my birthday!! i got an iPod and my learners permit. it was such a busy day. we sarted with my iPod then went to the dmv to get my permit. when i was taking the test, there were these two girls sitting in the waiting area and they were reading my questions and telling me the answers! i was already almost through and only had like 4 left but it was still so annoying!! after i got my permit, we went to cinco de mayo and since it was my b'day i got to wear a sombraro. after we ate at cinco, we went to target because my sister "forgot" to get me a gift. then we to the apple store in green hills and that took forever. when we finally got home, mi madre make me a cake then we went to longhorn for dinner. basically it was just a bunch of little things but it felt action packed. today i had to baby-sit a 14 month old baby and she was so fun to babysit. im pretty tired from everything but it was all great.

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gavin richardson said...

happy b'day.. it is still listed on my calendar.. as i think cara's is as well.

sounds like a fun day. saw your mom on sunday.. maybe that's why she looked so tired. haha!