Thursday, June 15, 2006

fun day laying back

on tuesday night, cara and toria came over and we watched the ringer and It. they were both good. the ringer was very funny and It was just good all around. they spent the night and yesterday we all went to nashville shores. we didnt do much but just lay out. we only rode a few slides because the water was freezing! toria got the most unusual sunburn. its so random i cant even explain it. sarah left to go on a mission trip with cooks umc on sunday. it was so random. her boyfriends mom signed them both up to go about a week before they left to go. they went to a place in mississippi to help with hurricane relief. she calls every day and she says she is having a really good time. vacation bible school starts next week so im not sure if i'll be on much. today i am going with the youth group to go see cars. i have heard that it is really good and i am looking foward to seeing it. if it were friday we would go see NACHO LIBRE!!! i am determined that i am going to see that sometime within the next 2 weeks. it looks so funny!! ttfn

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