Sunday, June 18, 2006

switchfoot conerts, random trash, and no sleep

yesterday after the 30 hour famine, i went to a switchfoot concert! it was free so that made it even better AND i got like 4 things autographed by all the band members! it was so incredible.

before the concert at the 30 hur famine, we went to north nashville and picked up trash off the streets as our service project. it was so hard to do because most of us hadn't had any sleep and we, of course, hadn't eaten in like 24 hours so it was kind of hard to do. we found some of the most random trash when we were picking it up. actually the service project itself was random and unplanned.

the night of the famine cara, toria and i didn't sleep at all. well we may have dozed for like 20 minutes or so but for the most part we just stayed in the warm bathroom in the fellowship building on foam pads that our hand bells people use and talked. after everyone was around and our camp was cleaned up, we did yoga. it was pretty fun and it was cara's mom that taught it. we broke our fast by eating out at cracker barrel.
my entire weekend has been great and this week starts vbs so i now have something to do this week. i think it's safe to say that my summer has been close to great so far.

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anonymous said...

thirty hour famine was definately pretty cool, there is nothing like picking up smelly trash and then going and getting free stuff on the street, on an empty stomach and sleepless body.
i'll catch you on the flip side,