Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas, new years, and back to school

lots of fun stuff has been going on lately! i've hardly had any time to blog. Christmas was good this year. since we had our family over on Christmas eve, there was no one on Christmas. so the fam and i just lounged around the house all day. and did basically nothing.

happy new year! this year (or last, haha) we had a party at our house. i invited my friends, sarah invited hers, and my parents invited theirs. it was definitely a party! then the next day i had to pack for our annual ski trip. we went to perfect north again this year and it was awesome! there wasn't really and natural snow at all! it really was not that bad though. i thought i was doing pretty well and i had only fallen once, so i decided to go down one of the slope's most popular black diamonds -- center stage. not the best idea i've had. i started to go down then shortly realized that it would be impossible to ski the whole way down. i had expected to fall once or twice. the thing about falling on a black diamond though is that it is never just a fall. i started out trying to weave around but somehow just ended up going straight. i gained way more speed than i could handle so i knew the only thing i could do was fall. i got about a fourth of the way down. as i was falling, i began to roll, then my skis came off (both of them) and rolled a little more. then i was sliding... backwards and upside down. all together i probably fell a little less than half of the way down. lucky for me, about half of my youth group was watching. haha. they clapped for me. i'm really surprised i didn't get hurt at all. those are the kinds of wipeouts that people see and hope the person that fell isn't dead! haha, jk. it was awesome.

i went back to school the day after we returned home from the trip and found out that i had all the classes that i wanted. there's only one class that i have to have this semester and it is aweful! it's document design and production a.k.a. keyboarding. every teenager in the world already knows how to type so why do they make us take a class that teaches us how? i don't like it but i have to have it. :( and since it's a required class, almost everyone in there is a freshman or sophomore. but i think i can tough it out for 17 more weeks!

party on!

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