Friday, January 16, 2009

funnn stuff

even though we were out today for one of the crapiest reasons i have ever heard, i had an extremely fun day. a bunch of us went ice skating and it was the first time i had hung out with some of them outside of school stuff. we then went to tgi friday's to eat a lot of food and drink a lot of water (or strawberry lemonade). we then took a trip to gigi's cupcakes (the best!) and only four of us got cupcakes. but we were all extremely stuffed from lunch. of course we didn't plan on eating our cupcakes right then, so we got them to go. all together that was about 3 and a half to four hours. then tonight about half of that group met up to go the basketball game at central. the girls lost but the guys won (which is unusual). after the game, four of us went to eat at marble slab and it was very yummy. that was our dinner. but i mean, we did have a big lunch. i'd say it was probably the funnest day of 2009 (so far).

later gators

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