Saturday, January 24, 2009

senior year is kickin up!

so the second semester of senior year is most definitely the best. i still haven't gone to school for a full 5 day week yet this semester. this week at school is spirit week, so no dress code. in addition to that, monday i get to go eat lunch at o'charley's because i helped count money for one of our fundraisers. wednesday is a registration committee meeting for warmth in winter, and as i said previously, i love warmth in winter meetings. then friday is warmth in winter! so another four-day week... and warmth in winter!! then of course the superbowl. my guess is that the steelers will win. the week after next should be just as awesome. wednesday night a bunch (like a butt-load) of people, seniors to be exact, are going to go downtown and play laser-tag because we don't have school thursday. since we don't have school thursday, a bunch of us figured, what's the point in going to school on that friday? hmmm, you figure it out. i'll give you a hint: we (another butt-load of seniors) are going to eat at cracker barrel (yum), and it will be a three-day week. so pretty much it's all together a super fun semester. as long as i keep my grades up.


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