Thursday, January 15, 2009


that's what i think about us being out of school tomorrow. get this: we are out of school because it is "dangerously cold." what kind of BS is that? honestly? i mean, i'm sure that every time the temperature gets down to 3 degrees in like, michigan, they don't cancel schools. i have never gotten out because it's too cold. maybe that means we should get out when it's too hot as well. i didn't even know they could cancel school because they didn't feel it was in the right temperature range outside. and it's not like our schools don't have heat. i think that if metro had not cancelled first, we would all still be going to school tomorrow. it makes sense for metro to cancel though because they have a much higher number of students that walk to school than many of the other counties. and if that were the case, then colleges should be cancelled to. but no. and it isn't like it hasn't gotten this low before. yes it has been six years, but six years ago i distinctly remember going to school even when it was freezing. but hey, i get a four-day weekend now. :)


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Craig L. Adams said...

It is currently 1 degree F here in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan. There is a 5 mph wind, so it feels more like 1 degree below zero. Roads are slippery because salt doesn't really work @ this temp. We're having school today here in Michigan. (Just thought I'd let you know that you were right about that.)