Wednesday, January 14, 2009

new kid joe

so there's another new kid in my calculus class. just an update: this is the fourth new kid we've gotten in this class. his name is joe and he is from a boarding school in virginia. woah! two of our other former new kids are exchange students from china. and they are from like the same school. it was weird because they came at different times. another funny thing about joe: last week we (this girl and i) saw him in guidance and were like oh a new kid. the next day she informed a few of us that he was in her third block. funny thing: he didn't start until yesterday and he happens to be in my third block. i thought about calling her out on her white lie but she says random extreme crap all the time (have you heard that she's dating chris brown?). that's basically the most interesting thing that has happened this week.

okay, good night, hasta luego, don't let the bed bugs bite

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