Saturday, March 08, 2008

college time

our [two week!] spring break started today so it's a perfect time to start visiting colleges. this week i'm going to tour university of tennessee-knox and vanderbilt. it was hard to find an open time for ut. they only had one day and one time open for the entire month of march. i didn't realize how far in advance you have to schedule these things. vandy was a little easier. the second week of my spring break was full for them but this week held a few more options. so i have two tours two days in a row. :/ it's kind of exciting i guess. i think i'm the first of my friends to actually go and look at colleges. my best friend already knows she isn't going to school in tennessee. she wants to go to this little school in florida. i hope she doesn't because that's so far away. :( she's also looking at another small one but it's just in georgia. my other friends haven't even mentioned college.

oh man i'm so tired. even though it's only ten it's actually like it's 11 o'clock. daylights savings time tonight! don't forget. i bet a lot of people are late to church in the morning. haha


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