Friday, March 21, 2008

spring break=college tours

everyone knows spring break junior year means time to start looking at colleges. last week i visited the university of tennessee-knoxville and vanderbilt. i like different things about both schools. ut has so many advantages of being a student. like the really nice gym free to any student. i also like the laid back feeling and that freshmen can have cars on campus. vanderbilt was so much different from ut. they had nicer dorms first of all. freshmen aren't allowed to have cars there though. and the overall vibe was... more spick-and-span than that of ut. i really like that it's in nashville though. i like nashville better than knoxville and it's close to home. and there's more national diversity at vandy so lot's of different kinds of people to meet. both campuses were pretty. i think i'll keep looking and i hope i can find somewhere that is in between those two.


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