Wednesday, March 12, 2008

we already all know about this

i don't even know what to say about the whole programming positions thing. i've tried to hold off posting anything until i felt i had enough facts about the situation. i have thought about it a lot and i've thought about what i want to say to the bishop about it but nothing has actually come out in writing yet. sometimes i have (don't make fun of me) conversations with people in my head and i have had some imaginary conversations with the bishop about how much beth morris has positively influenced my relationship with God through what she does. it doesn't feel real. when my mom told me, i just froze. i didn't have anything to say. it seems so far fetched that i almost couldn't wrap my mind around it. i know for sure it is all i have thought about since monday. i'm really happy that someone set up a petition to reinstate the posistions so quickly. i keep thinking if the people who made the decision to eliminate the positions knew what they were getting themselves in to. like if they had any idea how much the youth of the conference were going to find out and how much we were going to do about it. i wonder if they even knew if the youth were going to find out this quickly. we have multiple emails floating around, facebook messages, facebook groups, myspace bulletins, text messages, and probably several other ways of getting word about it and the petition out. then there's also the many many letters, emails, and phone calls the bishop has been getting. i know of an entire youth group that did nothing for youth tonight but write letters to him about it. i have heard of youth also emailing him and calling him and not holding back on how they feel about this. with as big as our conference youth group is, i don't think these "vision changes" are going to be permanent.


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