Sunday, March 02, 2008

it's time to come back

sorry i haven't blogged in weeks. and i don't really have an excuse. we have had a few days off from school and some days i have just sat at home and done nothing. but school work has definitely kept me really busy. this semester's workload is a lot different than last semester. i have pre-cal now and we have work in there almost every night. then i have two writing classes that keep me busy.
i watched the lunar eclipse last week. it was cool i guess.
yesterday i went to my friend's birthday party at centennial park. she turned 18! that was fun.
my dog is sick. :( not dying sick but it's pretty gross.

i absolutely loved the weather today! i hate wearing jackets so today was amazing. i played a little volleyball, drew in my street with sidewalk chalk, played frisbee, and i was going to fly a kite but i couldn't find it. :/
so yeah... amazing.

movie review: superbad
i did not like it. i thought it would be really funny but now i just think it was just really built up. it might have been one of those movies that you just have to watch with the right people.
i have a list of movies i want to see:
horton hears a who
the love guru
drillbit taylor
the other boleyn girl
juno (still haven't seen)

yeah. it's a lot. but they all look so good! it's hard for me to find a movie i don't like. i usually like most movies if they aren't action. i'm not really an action movie fan. or a sci-fi.

spring pictures are tomorrow. so goodnight

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