Thursday, March 06, 2008

procrastinating yet again

blogging is a great was to procrastinate. i have 3 papers due tomorrow in creative writing. it isn't that i don't want to write them... because i already did. i just have to type them now. that's not really my favorite class. i'm not that great of a writer and that's pretty much what we do in there all the time. the assignment this time was that we had three papers and one had to be poem. the first one had to be serious and have "some suicides are never recorded" incorporated in it somehow. the second one was a humorous one and was 8 good reasons to lie to a guy. the last one was just a free write which we do way too many of. what's hard for me in writing is description and taking something i've put in and expanding off it. doesn't sound that tough but when you're writing for a class you don't care about, you tend to not care about the writing. well i guess it's typing time now.


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gavin richardson said...

get back to work!