Sunday, March 23, 2008

game over

i have to go back to school tomorrow. :( oh and i got the schedule for next year... listen to this, we go back august first to get our schedules and get a feel of our classes-2 hours. pretty normal. then we go back ten days later on the 11th for the first official day of school. crazy. i think we start so late this year because we are going to be at the new school. i'm pretty excited but it's a lot of memories that i'm leaving behind at the old building. i have to leave my mark. i've already written in two or three of the lockers. i'll be sad if they get new ones. they are turning the old high school into a middle school. i want all the middle-schoolers to look in the locker and be like, hey, that emily girl is pretty cool for writing in a locker with a lime green marker. haha. back to the schedule. we get out officially june 6th-report card day. we're out the fifth and have finals the two days before. i'm not sure when graduation will be next year because of the wacky schedules but i'm pretty sure it's kind of an important thing to figure out considering i'll be graduating next year! i can't believe it's so close. well i guess i better get going on getting things ready for tomorrow.

oh and happy easter!!!!


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