Friday, March 21, 2008

good friday

today and yesterday were two of the most important days for christians. i had intended to go to our church's maundy thursday service... but i forgot. i don't know how i forgot because i had been thinking about it all day and i just forgot. :( i was really sad when i remembered. then today i didn't go to a service. our church didn't have a good friday service this year. i don't know why. it seems like today is kind of a big deal. i mean, this is the day that we remember as the day Jesus died for all of our sins. it upsets me that our church didn't have a service. it's not like we completely didn't do anything though. our church sanctuary was open all day for people to come and pray. although i don't understand why our sanctuary has locked doors in the first place.
something to think about: it always rains on easter.


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