Monday, December 31, 2007

recap of 07

january: warmth in winter
theme-learn to fly
strangely i don't remember much from warmth. i do remember, though, that the church we stayed at was super creepy. in the middle of the night we got woken up by some random singing. we call her the hippie. we never actually saw her. oh and there was the scary Jesus statue we found. i remember more about the church than the actual event. haha

february: ski trip
lots and lots of snow!

march: the alleged pickett state park trip
we never actually got there but we still spent all day just driving around

april: car wrap! nuf said

may: this is pretty much a good sum-up
and daytona

june: mission trip

july: laser-tag lockin and youth 07

august: start school as a junior and summer sizzler; theme-good enough. i had to eat this nasty jello, bean, vienna sausages, and much more gross stuff. oh man that was horrible.

nothing interesting for semptember

october: pumpkins and squirrels and youth pastor-less and cool school

november: sr. high retreat more youth pastor-less... ness

december: merry christmas and my first pass out

i finally got it in. it might not still be 2007 on some places but right here right now, it is. what can i say? i'm a procrastinator. :P

happy new years eve everyone!!


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